3 Kings Avis

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  • “Three Kings is a first for me, and I was given the royal treatment! I've been active for 30 years, lived in Hawaii, California, and grew up largely in Colorado. This is an impressive high; quick to the head where it settles in, drops the lids, and then moves to the whole body; intense; long-lasting; great for daytime use & engaging in other activities; it tapers off evenly & slowly; smooth. This is not one for true...”

  • “bought ten G's smoked about 1/4 i love to crumble weed 3kings falls right apart yet its fluffy too wake and bake in the morning”

  • “As I sit here again, high on 3 kings vape- I think to myself, wow this strain really makes you give ZERO fucks. I was SO pissed at a coworker today and bitched about it ALL damn day until WAIT... until 3 kings kicked in. I'm about to go be best friends with this person now. Happiness and Anxiety relief is by far one of the BEST yet. If I shit my pants right now I wouldn't give one fuck. No body high whatsoever so ...”

  • “Got half a gram free for registering as a new patient at Tree House Collective in Vista CA. Sorry, just turned on veggie tales. Anyway I'm not usually a huge fan of indicas but this hybrid definitely relaxes you and makes your eyelids a tad heavy. The budtender called this stuff topshelf and no strain has made me feel like this (because of my tolerance) in a while.”

  • “I have no idea where I am right now”

  • “Amazing cannabis! In addition to my spinal issues,I am having dental issues...shudder.. but the Kings really rose to the occasion. Then came the high.....almost brought this oldtimer to his knees! The lineage of all three donors shows in this piece of magic. My body can cope very well, and I have stopped swearing at the rat bastard dentist.....if I could give more than five stars. Kudos and namaste, oh bringers of ...”

  • “I was skeptical about this strain after trying Three kings I was amazed it relieved my stress instantly. I will put it my top 10 strains . three; kings is a 4 star treat.”

  • “Review of 3 Kings Kush. Nice dense dark green nugs. STICKY!!! Smells like straight kush! Piney and pungent. A nice potent hybrid. Indica effects are fairly strong and the sativa effects take away my stress and put my mind at ease. I'm able to relax my mind and sleep on this one. Very very nice strain.”