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Trees is Greenwood's go-to pot shop with high-quality cannabis products and a friendly staff. We have an extensive selection from prerolls to premium flower, and vape cartridges. We open early everyday and are the ONLY weed shop in North Seattle who closes at MIDNIGHT. Please Note - Trees honors existing MMJ licenses, allowing us to extend the WA medical tax break and limits. Unfortunately we do not have ability to register New MMJ patients in the Washington State Patient Database, but intend to offer complete MMJ accessibility shortly. In the mean-time, you can bring your MMJ Paperwork for 10% off non-sale items!


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Three Avitas .5g Cartridges for $90

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Trees Pot Shop

This FRIDAY Nebula Gardens will be in store from 2-5pm! We'll have ALL Nebula Gardens Products at 20% OFF ALL FRIDAY!

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“I used to really really love this place!! But all the awesome bud tenders they had are gone; I swear every time I go I’m now there are different ones, so nobody is familiar with you. The flowers options had really dropped lately, but today it seemed like their selection is finally coming back up. Word to the wise... cuz I learned the hard way.... do not delete your text or email that tells you that you’ve earned your 15% off after 10 visits.... apparently the system doesn’t track it anymore. So I just totally missed out on my discount which realllly bums me out. Trees had been my favorite store! But I’m considering finding a different one, it’s still good, just not what it was.”

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Comment from Trees Pot Shop

thank you for giving us feedback! I am sorry your experiences haven't been what they were. Our store has undergone a lot of changes, and we had to implement a new loyalty program. with this new program it provides a code once you reach your discount and we need that code to remove the discount after it was applied. please come back in and ask for Morgan, i am the manager at trees i will honor that discount for you when you stop back in! customer service is the most important thing to us at Trees, so if your experience is any less than please let me know. Thank you for your continued loyalty

“I've been coming here for a few months and hadn't had any complaints. Today I called ahead to ask if Sunset Sherbet from NWCS Private Reserve was included in their NWCS sale and if my MMJ card would be able to be applied. The employee who answered said yes it was included. But medical marijuana was no longer around since recreational was legalized (strange since they have a staff member who issues MMJ cards). I'm put on hold while he checks with the budtenders since he was security. When he gets back on I'm told that I would be able to get the deal on the Sunset Sherb and use my card to waive state sales tax. When I get there I'm told that the Sunset Sherb is NOT part of the deal. And the manager who was helping me would not honor the price promised over the phone (I did mention the employee's name). Instead of getting a 1/2oz at 1gm for $7.50 when you buy 4+ grams on Sunset as told I could, I was sold an 1/8 of Pink Cookies at $9 a gram. No complaints about Pink Cookies, but as the manager I felt he could have held his employee accountable for giving me incorrect info over the phone before I drove 35 minutes. Not to mention ensuring that employees answering the phones are knowledgeable of the sales as well as the different service offered at their business. I had to inform him of the name of his co-worker who handles MMJ paperwork and card issuance.”

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Comment from Trees Pot Shop

We apologize for the miscommunication you should have received the medical discount when you came in. there had to have been a miscommunication on the sunset Sherbet because we have never included that in the 4 for $30 sale. I am sorry the Budtenders gave you the incorrect information. Please come back in and ask for Morgan, I am the manger here at Trees and would love to make this situation right. we value you as a customer and do not want our customers unhappy with their experience. Thank you for your continued loyalty and I hope to see you soon!


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