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*Per Oregon state law, a 20% tax will be added to all recreational flower sales* *Se Habla Español!* ****Our Mission:**** To help patients and customers obtain medical and recreational cannabis legally To provide a comfortable, safe, and respectful environment for patients and customers To offer alternative health care solutions to nurture the healing process To protect the safety, tranquility and cleanliness of our community To support local charities, local culture and the local economy To change negative perception of medical and recreational marijuana, dispensaries, patients and customers through professionalism, a higher standard of customer service and charitable outreach *Follow us around:* Copy and paste [1]: [2]: [3]:


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Remise pour les vétérans

We offer a 10% discounts for Veterans

Valid from 0001-01-01.

Must present Veteran ID for discount. Must be the Veteran ID holder to receive discount, not a family member.

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Pharm to Table

Happy Croptober Oregon! We have Pre-Harvest Ounce deals available for a limited time only!

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“Excellent selection. Top quality products. Knowledgeable sales staff and very comfoetable atmosphere.”

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“Staff didn't seem to be very knowledgeable about the various strains, and their product was mediocre at best. Tasted funny. Definitely will not shop there again.”

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