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“Cute little shop with pretty good selection of all products and prices. The budtender who helped me was helpful and knew about the products. Not much more I could ask for except for better prices but then again this is right inside seattle, I'll be honest I'm used to prices being slightly lower outside the city..”

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“I shop here regularly for the great selection. The staff steer you in the right direction most of the time, and definitely are knowledgeable about all the products they offer. The flower selection is pretty large, with lots of quality strains and growers. Doc and Yeti and Downtown Cannabis Company are the best value in my opinion but Secrets Gardens of Washington is the best bud in the shop. Lots of edible, concentrates, etc. as well - all together a great shop. Not on the low end of price, but you can shop cheaply if you need a with daily specials. ”

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