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Welcome to Malibu’s one and only dispensary. Located just south of the world famous Malibu Pier and surf rider beach and north of Nobu and above Zuma Jay’s surf shop in downtown Malibu. We carry the highest quality top-shelf organic strains, Malibu top-shelf locally-grown strains, top-shelf CBD flowers and products (including Rick Simpson Oil and Magic Potion) smoking/vaping accessories, concentrates and a extensive selection of edibles, including organic vegan and gluten free options. Not only do we carry Malibu’s finest medicine, but we also hold space as a transformational boutique, carrying Malibu locally created art, crystals, healing elixirs, visionary art, fashion, superfood products and other higher consciousness products. We also offer complimentary massage, sound healing, breath work and Reiki for our patients in our healing cove. Our Patients Are Our Number One Priority. Our entire team is here to help you….from our knowledgeable cannabis consultants to our drivers, we want to know your concerns and how we may relieve your ailments. Take the natural approach with our medicinal Marijuana to calm your anxiety, relieve stress, regain your appetite, and get some much needed sleep. We can also help you alleviate pain and reduce muscle cramps and feel general relief from anxiety, spasms, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, PTSD and many more. Choose from a wide selection of different strains and edibles available to you on our menu. We will always make sure that every patient is satisfied to our best ability and provide the best care possible.

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“I'd always seen this place driving by on PCH so I decided to step in and see what it was all about. First off, the inside is absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful dispensaries I have ever been in and the ambiance was very soothing and relaxing. The man at the front desk was wonderful and very helpful, and the selection was great in my opinion. Two things were a bit off putting however. Upon entering the boutique from the front room, I greeted the two budtenders behind the desk. The woman right in front of me behind the desk was texting on her phone, and when I came in, waiting to be helped, she looked up and glared at me, said not one word or greeting and got up and left to text elsewhere. The other bud tender was sweet and helpful but the previous experience did not sit right with me at all. The other issue is that parking is dreadful. While most spaces in the tiny lot are theirs, they are extremely compact and it is very nerve-wracking driving through there with my large car. Luckily, I came at a time when the lot wasn't crowded but I wouldn't even be able to get in if it were full. If it weren't for these two issues I would gladly never spend my money at any other dispensary but this one.”

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“Great day trip from Thousand Oaks. The dispensary smelled very heavily of pot which for someone not into the smell it was off putting. But staff knowledgeable and will return again. ”

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