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“Waiting room was modern and decent. The method of this store was kind of interesting, they have you take a ticket then go one at a time into their bud room. The problem was that it was my first time buying and they separated me from my companion. Selection was great, had many strains of many grades. The bud tender wasn't the most helpful or friendly, but still was able to direct me to a cheaper decent sativa called Sour Breath. As I went to leave (out the door I came in, I didn't see the Exit sign on the other door as the room was not too brightly lit.) I was slightly rudely grabbed by the shoulder and pulled toward the actual exit. Left feeling confused and a little disrespected but had some good quality bud. Not the worst visit to a dispensary I'd ever had since then, but it wasn't a good first time impression.”

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“Second trip to this store. Granted, it is also my second time buying legal weed, but I really like this location. Did I mention, they give a 10% military discount? I did 20 in the Navy. Not smoking weed that whole time was one of the sacrifices I had to make to serve. I really appreciate that they honor our vets this way. ”

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